Southwark London Borough Council And Keepmoat


Feasibility – Planning -Working Drawings


2016 Ongoing


Retrofit Existing Housing Stock And New Build Residential Over The Top


MDR have been commissioned by Regeneration specialists Keepmoat on behalf of Southwark Council to produce design proposals for two sister blocks 2-68 and 70-136 Chilton Grove, the two blocks consist of 68 existing homes and as part of a planned maintenance programme are having a major overhaul to repair building fabric defects, instigate a warm, dry, safe package of works including improved insulation to the existing building and new windows and doors to all existing homes, to improve the existing building fabric with regard to weatherproofing and heat retention to deliver reduce resident heating costs, levels of personal safety and security and provide a more energy efficient and sustainable building, and extend the buildings to provide 44 much needed new family homes within the borough.

The new family homes will be delivered as both a new roof top extension units and modest extensions to the existing building, all new homes will be fully compliant with current building regulations and national design standards, as part of the design proposals the new extension will provide benefits to all existing and future residents by upgrading and improving the existing building communal facilities to resolve long standing resident user issues. The existing open to air building staircase and lift will be enclosed with a new second lift being added to each block, making these areas safe and secure, they will be accessed from a new secure building entrance foyer, in addition a new refuse storage and collection area will be delivered and secure bicycle storage for both existing and new building residents.