Our Work

At MDR, we aim to focus our expertise to provide a seamless and professional service.

We work on all Residential tenures, Office, Commercial, Leisure, and Health Care.

We pride ourselves on being innovative and progressive and possess a vision and passion for making spaces work.

At the initial stages of any project, we work with and listen to the Client to ensure full and accurate Client Brief Development. This minimises wastage and allows us to focus on high quality design and adding value.

We have an excellent history at Planning stages, with an almost immaculate record of schemes achieving planning consent.

We take a very commercial approach to all our work and value engineer all projects via a very rigorous internal project auditing process, undertaken by at least one Director per project. This ensures we maximise site densities and unit sales values.

We continually evaluate and review our projects from inception to completion as we try to never miss an opportunity to improve our designs throughout the design process.

We endeavour to lead teams to maintain momentum and quality. Our historic experience in Project Management means that we can be proactive and resolve problems before they arise.

MDR are happy to take work from initial site appraisal and feasibility through to site works and working drawing packages. Our technical team adds commercial value and resolves technical issues swiftly and efficiently.