Our Values 

At MDR, we have a range of core beliefs that we aim to deliver on all our projects. We have accreditation for both ISO 9001 and 14001 which ensures our committed dedication to maintain high levels of quality design is mindful of all environmental issues.

From the start of the initial design all our projects are heavily influenced by simple, deliverable, sustainable objectives. We review all projects with regard to site orientation and surrounding area to ensure full advantage is taken of all passive environmental resources. We then look to design in accordance with the fabric first mandate to ensure our buildings are as sustainable as possible with minimal carbon footprint.

We are open minded about the technology we can employ with regard to building services, but regularly challenge the design team to ensure that usable, sensible and logical design proposals are initiated and delivered.

We believe the Client and end user are the most important part of the design process.

We listen to and ask the right questions of all stakeholders involved in the design process to develop the scheme they desire.

Everyone deserves good quality, considered, and well-designed buildings and as such, we will not design a property we would not live in.

We believe quality design can be uplifting and strive to achieve this.

Buildings should look beautiful from the outside, but elevations should not determine the plan. If people cannot live or work within a building they will not take ownership of the  property.

We should protect the built and natural environment by considering the impact of all our design decisions.

We employ the fabric first mandate, as the building fabric is the longest lasting component and will not develop and change as fast as the building services provisions. We ensure our buildings are as sustainable as possible, with minimal carbon footprint for the duration of their life.

We nurture talent to allow it to develop to be the best it can be.

While employed within the company we will assist our team to pursue further education and professional development in all areas of Architecture, Design and associates’ commercial skills.