MDR- Artwork in the Community

By November 20, 2012News
Grinling Gibbons Primary School

MDR are always keen to get involved with the local community and feel that interacting with communities will ultimately allow us to understand the markets needs, thus allowing us to design and create better buildings.

Our latest project has seen us working closely with Grinling Gibbons Primary School. MDR presented the school with the notion of creating some artwork to be printed on the commercial hoarding on Childers Street, one of our mixed residential and commercial projects, located just around the corner from the school. The presentation (James and Penny from MDR and Jennifer and Crissi from ASRA attended) aimed to educate the children on the role of the Architect, Registered Providers and the Contractors as well as emphasising the importance of Health and Safety around a building site.

The school committee is incredibly passionate about the entire project, and being a school that specialises in art, are keen to get started!

We aim to have the project completed by August and will hopefully animate an otherwise lifeless piece of hoarding.

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